The Chinese wisdom arts are possibly the oldest and certainly the most continuously published written philosophy we have. I have an ongoing inquiry into how these ancient methods can help resolve present-day challenges, helping us to restore a meaningful, lasting sense of health and vitality, both to ourselves and our environments.

My fascination with the psychology of place, spirituality, and the environment have been
lifelong. This is rooted in childhood, tracing through a BA in Geography and an extensive
study of psychology, through 8 years of training and mentorship with a number of
established Feng Shui masters in the UK and abroad. It has been a huge pleasure to build
my Feng Shui practice, and am now a UK accredited consultant and an active affiliate
member of the International Feng Shui Association. 

Although I am committed to classical Feng Shui - and highly wary of modern
interpretations, superstition and new age additions - I cultivate a creative, intuitive
approach to my work, with a sensibility for contemporary building and design practices. I supplement my classical training with part time studies and one off courses in areas such as regenerative architecture, garden design, culture, history and mythology.

I work in a diverse range of contexts - residential, commercial and retail - with private
clients or in collaboration with architects designers, and/or builders.

Relevant training and experience 

  • BA (Hons) Geography at University College London
  • Qualified Qi Gong Instructor through a 3-year intensive Qi Gong Certification with Lotus Nei Gong International 
  • Extensive Ba Zi and Feng Shui training with Damo Mitchell, Richard Ashworth, Lily Chung, as well as additional courses with Howard Choy and Stephen Skinner 
  • Accredited consultant and speaker with the UK Feng Shui Society
  • Affiliated Member of the London Chapter of the International Feng Shui Association 
  • 10 years experience teaching Qi Gong including at Bonhays Meditation Centre, The Mothership, Javeriana University Bogota, Essex University and Rose Bruford College.
  • Feng Shui writings published though Ideal Home, The Sherborne Times and others

  • Completed Forest Garden Design course with Agroforestry Trust.
  • Studying Ecological Infrastructure with Bauhaus University, Weimar
  • Studied Regenerative Architecture and Ecological Design through Ecodemia

 Links and affiliations

Lotus Nei Gong International

LifeHouse is affiliated with Lotus Nei Gong International. This is the school of Damo Mitchell, a teacher, author and researcher of the Internal Arts of Asia. 

International Feng Shui Association 

LifeHouse is an Affiliate of the International Feng Shui Association,  a passionate community of academics, experts and practitioners spearheading the global cultivation, awareness and appreciation of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Society

Ryan is an accredited consultant with the The Feng Shui Society, the leading independent Feng Shui registration organisation for professional consultants in the UK and Europe.

International Feng Shui Guild

Ryan's training is certified by The International Feng Shui Guild - a professional membership organization for Feng Shui consultants and schools.