"Like wine, we have the qualities of the year, and the season, of which we were born" 

Carl Jung 

What is Ba Zi?

Ba Zi is an ancient Chinese practice that analyses our inner nature and the unfolding of our life path. Ba Zi means Eight Symbols, which are derived from the inherent energetic qualities of the hour, day, month and year of our birth. As these qualities combine and collide through time, they engender further symbols, which can be plotted into a Natal Chart.  This detailed matrix of information is interpreted using powerful systems of analysis that have been developed over centuries. They are based in rigorous observation of human nature and its interaction with the cycles of time - and they can help us to understand a person’s actions, behaviour, relationships, life events and deeper purpose. 

Why get a reading?

A Ba Zi reading enriches our understanding of ourselves and the narratives created through our actions. It can uncover behavioural patterns and tendencies that may hold us back, while equipping us to work creatively with our deeper values and purposes. It can reveal personal meanings and intentions that we were perhaps not wholly aware of, yet intimately recognise. This is often a poignant and fascinating experience. The revelations that a reading can bring enable us to participate more fully in our lives, exercise awareness in our present relationships and real discernment in our actions.  Ba Zi may also be applied to businesses and organisations to understand their history and/or potential development. 

By looking at certain correlations over time, the Ba Zi can help us to reframe our past and provide a basis for meeting unexpected predicaments and future obstacles. A reading can also suggest simple everyday adjustments to our home and routine that can bring surprisingly profound changes. The ultimate aim of the practice is to align our true nature with our deeper purpose - a process that can unlock greater freedom, spontaneity and presence.

What to expect from a  consultation.

This consultation is a full process, involving at two hours of hand drafting and preparation. The majority of modern practitioners will now use online calculators - whilst this saves time, the charts are generally oversimplified, and a lot of nuance is lost.   Taking the time look up and carefully hand draft three full pages of symbols is a meditative process that allows me to absorb fully into a persons natal chart. 

During the subsequent 90 minute online session, I will talk through the charts, giving you an in depth overview of the symbols, flows and general dynamics and the suggestions for your inner nature, relationships, career and so on.  We will then look deeply into your life path to date, examining key patterns and events and how they are expressed astrologically. People are often very surprised how accurate and far reaching the Ba Zi chart is.  

If you choose the Ba Zi Life Analysis package, we will take two further 60 minute sessions to look at the months and years ahead, and will be able to unpack one or two specific areas such as a career choice, relationship, or health. I may use further divinations to support this process, and we often take a few steps into Feng Shui as well. 

The one off session costs £264. and the Ba Zi Life Analysis package £396. 

Working with Ryan through a BaZi reading was a holistic, practical, and illuminating experience. He clearly puts a lot of thought and care into each reading, and there is so much depth to the information that I will be exploring and unpacking my reading for months to come. It was not only confirming of how I innately want to structure my life and my priorities, but also showed areas I could harmonize through acceptance and lifestyle changes. I'm looking forward to more of Ryan's wisdom for support in looking at future elemental influences as well as Feng Shui calculations for living harmoniously. 

Chris Hambleton 

Would highly recommend Ryan's Bazi readings. Extremely thorough and in depth insight into your birth chart and life with striking accuracy to real life events, often uncanny. Very knowledgable. Really helpful tips on how to manage the more challenging aspects that come up. Hands on and practical too. Thanks Ryan!

Andrea Fenner

"I can highly recommend Ryan‘s BaZi Readings. He explained all very well and in great detail, which makes it easy to understand and follow for the people not so familiar with the topic. I’ve been very impressed with the accuracy of what he can conclude from your date of birth. Really fascinating. Don’t hesitate to contact him!"

Phillip Reiner

 BaZi is a precious tool that Ryan unfolded, interpreted and delivered with knowledge and sensitivity. We discussed my traits, strengths, weaknesses, my supporting elements and my limiting ones, the events from the past and the seeds for the future - plus many more illuminating aspects that are going to support the coming steps. Thank you Ryan!

Patrizia Gaio

Ryan prepared an amazing BaZi reading that continues to help me make sense of some life issues and pesky energies that have popped up these past years – stuff both in the outer world but also in my inner life. Right away it helped me make sense of past events but also is pointing toward new or un-lived potentials. The reading was so inspiring that I went ahead and asked Ryan to do the Feng Shui on my small farm as well. Even though I live in the USA, Ryan was still able to do a thorough analysis of my house and the surrounding landscape, uncovering the causes of sensations and experiences that have bothered me since day one.

Judith Hooper