"Divination may be called the science of antiquity " 

Carl Jung

What is divination and why is is practiced?

The ancient Chinese art of卜 (Pu, divination, or insight) is concerned with reading the subtler energetic phenomena that sit behind our experience of everyday life.  Bringing this information into our awareness allows us to take wiser actions, and proceed with the confidence that we are aligned with a greater universal intelligence.

These practices can be used to help with significant decisions, or to get clarity on a particular set of circumstances. I offer Insight Sessions for specific inquiries that might relate to home, career, relationships, finances, travel, family, creative projects, health, well being or self-work. 

How is it practiced? 

To respond to an inquiry, I will mainly use the ancient systems of Yi Ching and Qi Men Dun Jia.

The Yi Ching, or "Book of Changes," is a remarkably powerful text that has been consulted for millennia both for its spiritual insights and practical wisdom. The text itself is a compendium of 64 symbols that break down the entire life process into clusters of code, which may be read and re-combined to reveal the nuanced transformational patterns that are embodied and expressed within any event or situation.  There are many studies that show how this ancient text contains remarkable parallels to modern binary theory and the genetic code. Practiced classically, it offers a simple, profound way to understand our experiences and help us to to make decisions. 

Qi Men Dun Jia, on the other hand, is a more involved consultation that incorporates a huge number of Chinese metaphysical concepts, derived from Ba Zi astrology, Feng Shui and the Yi Ching. It is a tactical tool that has been used historically for everything from military strategy, to internal alchemy, medicine, architecture and modern business decisions. It can also be used to understand personal decisions and timings, and will often be much more specific than the commentaries of the Yi Ching, which tend to the more philosophical. 

What can I expect from an Insight Session

Questions should be related to one specific situation, past present or future. They can be from the detailed (eg whether a certain action, relationship,, location, journey or project is advisable or not, and what would be the best timing and strategy), to the more general (seeking deeper clarity or wisdom on a certain aspect of one's life or personal experience). For more essential or broad-reaching questions connected to one's inner nature, life path and  deeper purpose, a Ba Zi Reading would be more appropriate - these are much more involved and include a package of work which would anyway involve all of the above.  

Before making a divination it is best to have thought through the everyday, practical considerations, to have done as much research and gathered as much information as possible. If you are still stuck, or cannot find the clarity you need, these sessions will be ideal for you. The methods used are designed to unlock our inner wisdom which may be veiled from us by external or self-imposed conditioning. 

A divination is a sacred practice, and as such requires a careful and respectful approach. I make sure to use traditional methods, that are ritually correct.  It is also important to remember that these systems should not be used lightly, or unethically. They are not meant to predict the future, rather as tools to provide clarity and perspective on the present moment. They can show us the direction that current intentions, behaviour and and circumstances may lead.  With increased awareness, we can make adjustments that will avoid adverse consequences and support better outcomes. 

As you book and pay for the consultation, I will ask you for your question, and will need your date and time of birth if I do not have these already. We will then meet online, or in person if you are local. I will hand draft the Qi Men chart prior to the session. We will talk through the inquiry, make a further divination using the Yi Ching together, and talk through the interpretation - which draws on Qi Men, Yi Ching, our conversation and perhaps other sources such as your astrology and Feng Shui. You may record the session, and the conversation remains open via email. 

A divination costs £132. Just click below to book your session. I look forward to working with you!

Ryan's insight session gave me a lot of clarity on the many facets of a significant and complicated decision that I need to make. Ryan makes you feel comfortable immediately and is an attentive and empathetic listener. He combines a warm and caring presence with finely nuanced insights that help ease the anxiety associated with major life changes.

Grace Devlin