Online Ba Zi Astrology Reading

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Delivery Time 3 - 5 Business days

This includes all drafting and preparation (half a day) and two one hour zoom sessions. Once payment is received I will send out an information pack, and book you in for an appointment. The usual lead time is 2-3 weeks.

Working with Ryan through a BaZi reading was a holistic, practical, and illuminating experience. He clearly puts a lot of thought and care into each reading, and there is so much depth to the information that I will be exploring and unpacking my reading for months to come. It was not only confirming of how I innately want to structure my life and my priorities, but also showed areas I could harmonize through acceptance and lifestyle changes. I'm looking forward to more of Ryan's wisdom for support in looking at future elemental influences as well as Feng Shui calculations for living harmoniously. 

Chris Hambleton 

Would highly recommend Ryan's Bazi readings. Extremely thorough and in depth insight into your birth chart and life with striking accuracy to real life events, often uncanny. Very knowledgable. Really helpful tips on how to manage the more challenging aspects that come up. Hands on and practical too. Thanks Ryan!

Andrea Fenner

"I can highly recommend Ryan‘s BaZi Readings. He explained all very well and in great detail, which makes it easy to understand and follow for the people not so familiar with the topic. I’ve been very impressed with the accuracy of what he can conclude from your date of birth. Really fascinating. Don’t hesitate to contact him!"

Phillip Reiner

 BaZi is a precious tool that Ryan unfolded, interpreted and delivered with knowledge and sensitivity. We discussed my traits, strengths, weaknesses, my supporting elements and my limiting ones, the events from the past and the seeds for the future - plus many more illuminating aspects that are going to support the coming steps. Thank you Ryan!

Patrizia Gaio

Ryan prepared an amazing BaZi reading that continues to help me make sense of some life issues and pesky energies that have popped up these past years – stuff both in the outer world but also in my inner life. Right away it helped me make sense of past events but also is pointing toward new or un-lived potentials. The reading was so inspiring that I went ahead and asked Ryan to do the Feng Shui on my small farm as well. Even though I live in the USA, Ryan was still able to do a thorough analysis of my house and the surrounding landscape, uncovering the causes of sensations and experiences that have bothered me since day one.

Judith Hooper

Learn more about Ba Zi

Ba Zi - or Eight Symbols Life Analysis - is a centuries old Chinese Astrology practice that analyses our inner nature and the unfolding of our life path. It brings an enriched awareness of ourselves, as well as practical strategies in how to align our intentions with our deeper purpose.

What does a Ba Zi consultation involve?

Once I have your birth details I will hand draft your Natal Chart using the classical Chinese characters. This is a meditative process that takes several hours and allows me time to properly absorb and analyse the symbolism. Many modern practitioners simply use an online calculator that generates the chart in seconds, but I believe something is lost in the process.

Following the preparatory work, we will meet online or in person for two sessions of around 60 minutes. During the first session, I will calibrate your chart by asking a number of questions and we will let the conversation lead us into images, symbolic patterns and metaphors that illuminate and animate the process of interpretation from within. Since a natal chart is written in symbols, this is an essential part of the process that will allow me to define/divine your elemental flow. I will then give you a high-level overview of your chart, covering your essential expression, as well as indications for relationships and major life events. I will also identify your favourable and unfavourable elements according to Chinese metaphysical thought. These can be understood as opportunities and limitations, strengths and challenges, and I can share a number of philosophies, strategies and Feng Shui interventions that can be used to respectively harness or mitigate against these influences.  This will usually include advice for the coming months or years. During the second session, there will also be the chance to look into a specific issue or area of focus that you would like to explore in more depth - this might be related to such things as relationships, wealth, health, family or life path. The process is by turns fascinating, touching and often amusing. It may be salutary to discover that there are astronomical dimensions to the expression and embodiment of your personality, as well as to specific events from your past.  By the end of the sessions you should feel equipped to more freely and confidently participate in the natural flow of your life.


Before we meet, there are some questions to consider and some information I will need from you. I will also send you an information pack, which explains the fundamental concepts upon which Ba Zi is based. There is, of course, no need to learn complex ideas, but a familiarity with the language and basic ideas will be useful for our meeting.  Sessions can be recorded.


What is the difference between Feng Shui and Ba Zi?

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Very broadly Feng Shui is working with spaces to affect the person and Ba Zi is working with timing to affect the person. Both work with the person.

Of course it is not that clear-cut in practice. There are several main schools of Feng Shui, and one in particular is very much astrology on the ground. I work with all of the main ones, and when doing a Feng Shui survey, I always do a full draft of the person's Ba Zi chart - although we won’t get into the finer details as we would in a dedicated reading.

There are three levels of understanding within Daoist cosmology: Heaven, Humanity, and Earth. These might be read as Time, Person, Space: or Higher Consciousness, Heart/Mind, and Body. Ba Zi is working on the level of “Heaven” and “Humanity”  and ultimately, the point is to merge ones inner nature (Xing) with ones life path or deeper purpose (Ming). Working with Feng Shui is working with “Earth” and “Humanity” and is much more practical and “rubber meets the road” (while simultaneously seeming quite magical and mysterious). For example, once a specific problem or area of focus is identified (perhaps using BaZi), then you or the Feng Shui practitioner can make interventions in your immediate environment that will move the situation on  - and usually surprisingly quickly. 

In summary, I would say that if you have a specific plight or goal use Feng Shui, but if you want deeper insights into your nature and life path go for a Ba Zi. If you can, do both!

What is the difference between Chinese and Western Astrology?

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I am not a Western astrologer so I cannot really compare the two systems. I do know that Ba Zi Chinese Astrology takes the forces of nature as its main reference, rather than the location of the stars and planets. These forces are, indeed, derived from real astronomical phenomena, but also from observations of nature and insights into the human spirit.   The popular animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, actually called Earthly Branches, overlap the Western zodiac by approximately 2 weeks - and can be applied not just to the month but also the year, the day, the hour, and even the minute. This allows for some very  complex and detailed calculations to be made. I have heard it argued that Western astrology has become notional as it is calibrated with the astronomical situation over 2000 years ago. I am not sure if this is true, but I do know that Chinese Astrology is for the most part based on current astronomical phenomena.

Does all this really work and can you predict the future?!

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Chinese Metaphysics is the oldest tradition we have and has been honed over millennia of practice. Early discoveries about the nature of the Universe have striking similarities to the most progressive science we have today. There are also lots of fascinating crossovers with modern depth psychology (Jung etc), but I generally don't waste much time trying to prove something which is already time-tested - the formulae work, and I experience astonishing proofs of concept every day.

Whilst these practices can describe our past with uncanny accuracy and, indeed, foresee likely future events, all of this information can be found in the present moment.. This is because within traditional Chinese thought, time is understood as cyclical rather than linear.  Scales of time are also relative, and a moment can last from a microsecond to a whole era of humanity. For the traditional Chinese mindset - as well as many indigenous cultures across the world -  these are not difficult concepts to grasp.

How specific can one get? Well the foundational principles of Daoist Metaphysics are abstract and almost completely undefinable. The Dao is the source of all life, a universal intelligence that belies description. My observations must always be partly integrated with the mystery, and I use the language of image to interpret image.  It is divination, not definition. It is therefore unlikely that I will tell you that you will meet a tall dark stranger  - although sometimes the signs may too tempting not to - but we will likely discuss the psychological and elemental patterns that exist around your relationship to a certain part -and time- of your life,  how these are rendered symbolically and are likely to express in terms of real world events. 

Do you teach? Can you recommend any good books on Ba Zi?

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I don't teach at the moment, but I will get to it someday. To be qualified to teach i believe I should have practiced for a very long time first, as well as immersed myself further in research, study and advanced principles. My secret (now not so much?) hope is that if you were to consult me, I will learn from you.

Its difficult to find good English books on classical Ba Zi, beyond the countless books on popular astrology. For the more serious students I would recommend Serge Augier, Raymond Lo, Derek Walters, Lily Chung and Jin Peh.

Do you do concessions?

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I have kept my fees relatively low by industry standards to ensure that the services I provide are affordable and to reflect the fact that my practice is an emerging one.  A reading involves an "Exchange of Qi" and I put a lot of work and headspace into an assessment based on several years of training and continued paid mentorship.  At the same time, I realise that costs may be prohibitive to those with lower incomes and I don't wish to exclude anyone from the vital help that a survey can provide. I can provide options to reduce the rate or to stagger payments if needed - so please get in touch if you would like to consider these. 

Can you meet me in person?

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Yes please. I live in an old forge near Sherborne in Dorset, but would be happy to host you for a consultation here. We are two hours on the train from London, an hour from Bristol and we do have paid guest accommodation as well if you'd like to make a trip of it!