I work in a diverse range of contexts - residential, commercial and retail  - with private clients or in collaboration with architects, designers, and builders. Below is a small selection of the projects that I have worked on.

The Coach House | Dorset, England | 2023 | Residential

The conversion of an eighteenth century workshop into a modern flat. Feng Shui support was provided from concept to completion.

The overall vision was to create a warm, earthy living space; staying true to the industrial heritage of the building, using exposed natural materials wherever possible. The kitchen was bespoke-made using high-grade plywood. Layout - including stove, sink and ventilation positions - was carefully calculated using a range of traditional Feng Shui methods.

Part of a classical Qi Map, a kind of energetic blueprint of the building.  This information was used in combination with the embodied, cultivated application of Feng Shui that I practice.  

Earth element was incorporated wherever possible, such as the exposed stone work, fresh lime render and use of natural paint. Earth is generally recommended for kitchens, and also supports the necessary elemental balance of this part of the building. 

Mount Street | London | 2022 | Retail

A high profile retail and dining outlet in Mayfair, London. I was sub-contracted to advise on the Feng Shui by renowned interior designers John Teall and Andrea Fenner of Flux Interiors Ltd. Design images by John Teall | www.johnteall.com

Since both retail and dining environments require specific Feng Shui, the challenge here was to bridge the two activities within a single design narrative. 

The final design includes bespoke artwork, fabrics and furniture. 

I advised on concept design and elemental composition, furniture layout, product placement and exact positions of the cashier and bar.

The Forge | Dorset, England | 2023 | Community

This year-long project involved the complete regeneration of a derelict smithy into a versatile community and events space. Working in close collaboration with a specialist builder and architect team, the brief was to regenerate the building for modern use, while retaining its unique character. 

This 400-year-old building has an impressive past, having been a billet for Cromwell's troops. as well as the birthplace of the UK's first working automobile. Over the past century, it fell into serious disrepair.

After its transformation. The final design highlights the tactile and aesthetic quality of the exposed wood and stone, and celebrates their raw simplicity, warmth, and humility. The space breathes new life, allowing visitors to sense the history held within the stone.

Door and window positions were calculated to harmonise with the buildings orientation, it's setting within the surrounding landscape, and the internal Qi flow. It's intended use, construction date and the birth details of the owners were also factored in. 

Newton Manor Hall | Dorset, England | 2021 | Residential / Commercial

This was a complete Feng Shui audit on the house and grounds, working with the owner to establish a healthy home, thriving events space and successful holiday let. 

The house has had some notable owners including Charles II, and Sir Charles Robinson, the once director of the V&A. Over the centuries it has undergone many changes, always a challenge for Feng Shui. This planting immediately outside the window (the historic entrance) softens the austere facade, and anchors the Qi in a key location.

Hand-drafted plans of the building, Each part of the house and grounds has a particular energetic nuance, that I was able to incorporate into the subsequent landscaping and decor plan.

Furniture was chosen and carefully placed to optimise the Feng Shui, balance the elements in the correct way, fit with the style of the building and compliment the tastes of the owner.  

Grass Hill Farm | Connecticut, USA |  2021 | Residential 

I carried out a complete audit of this rural farm in Connecticut, which including extensive research on a number of Native American monuments found on the site. 

This map shows Lung Mei or Dragon Lines, and how Qi is fed to the site through the surrounding landscape. Tracing the incoming Qi to to a site is crucial. Unless there is a clear understanding of the macro-elements governing a site, internal adjustments are rendered almost ineffective.

There are several Native American (Nipmuc) stone monuments on the farm. After surveying the site in person, I discovered that the orientations of the monuments matched, all pointing to the location of the midsummer sunrise. Proper study of Nipmuc archeology is really only just emerging, so this represents a compelling discovery, and an area of ongoing research.

The living room was reconfigured following Feng Shui principles, the astrology of the owner and the micro energetics of the room. It sofa now occupies the "command position" a common Feng Shui tweak that promotes Kidney and Heart health and a relaxed, open mindset. 

Tejanu | Cundinamarca, Colombia | Ongoing | Ecological

This is a cloud forest regeneration project that I run with my wife and others.  It is  based in the Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes, near Bogotá.
You can find more detail at the website www.tejanu.com

Tejanu encompasses the upper part of a small valley, in an area classified as tropical montane rainforest or cloud forest. This is an essential part of our planets eco-system, the source of countless rivers and home to many endangered species.  During the last 200 years, it has been widely exploited to the point where, in Colombia, it has been reduced to just 5 percent of its original coverage. 

A third of Tejanu remains as virgin forest.  Through a program of re-wilding, strategic planting and regeneration we aim to completely restore it to its original state. We are also in the process of joining up with similar initiatives in the region to recreate a significant area of continuous cloud forest.

Green building techniques. This cabin is built entirely using materials sourced from the surrounding land, whilst eliminating non native pine and eucalyptus from the valley. 

Various Projects | Online Surveys | Residential 

When conducting online surveys, I often hand draw the buildings. This gives me a more intimate and tangible feel for the energy of the site.

Hartford, USA

Plymouth, UK

Hampshire, UK

Sudbourne Road | London | 2016 | Residential 

I designed and managed a remodel of this London home, including the addition of a loft extension. 

The loft dormer incorporates zinc cladding, large sliding windows and roof lights. 

The inside was clad in birch ply, or else painted with black clay paint. The furnishings were chosen to elicit the Wood element.

The practice room, designed with the Earth element in mind.  We sanded back the floors, exposed the chimney breast and left some of the walls as bare plaster. 

Chinese Astrology Calendars | 2022 & 2023 | Cultural 

This was an unprecedented combination of the Gregorian and tradtional Chinese calendars, designed by me, illustrated by my late cousin Ralph Kiggell.

Year of the Water Rabbit.

Year of the Water Tiger.

Each month including detailed astrological information, moon phases, and written commentaries.